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What is a Tattie Scone?

Introduction: When it comes to iconic Scottish cuisine, tattie scones hold a special place. These humble yet mouth watering treats have been a beloved part

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What is Lorne Sausage?

Introduction: When it comes to hearty breakfasts, few things can beat the satisfaction of a traditional Scottish morning meal. While haggis and black pudding often

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Your Guide to Buying a Steak Pack

We all like to indulge from time to time and, in my opinion, there is nothing more exciting than receiving a steak pack full of all the most tender and juicy red meat on the market. For those of you looking to find out a little more about your steaks

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Which Meat Pack Should I Purchase?

Which meat pack fits your needs best? Ordering a meat pack online can be a daunting experience for the first timer but it doesn’t have to be. Butchers are investing more towards online chilled next day delivery. The process of ordering and delivering a meat pack is easy

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What is Scottish Polony?

Until l started working for my father in law at his Dundee butchers shop, l had never even heard of Scottish Polony before. In fact, unless you’re from the North East of Scotland, not many people have even come across Polony, so what is Scottish Polony?

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